Mumps Treatment

There is no cure for mumps, so any treatment deals with

The body heals itself by producing antibodies to the virus.
This provides immunity for the rest of the person’s life; repeat
infection is very rare.


People with mumps should drink plenty of fluids; preferably
plain cold water.

Avoid fruit juice because it stimulates saliva production,
which can be painful.  

A mild painkiller will help to reduce pain and mild fever.

It may be soothing to hold a warm flannel against the swollen

Adolescent boys and men who have severe inflammation of
the testes (orchitis) may be prescribed a stronger painkiller,
or steroid drugs called corticosteroids.


Most cases of mumps are mild, but when complications occur
they can be serious.

About 1 in 4 adolescent boys or adult men with mumps
develop an inflammation of one or both testes (orchitis). This
inflammation can be very painful and if it affects both testes,
there is some evidence to suggest it may lead to sterility.

More rarely, around 5% of females with mumps may
experience swelling of the ovaries (oophritis).

Brain inflammation (encephalitis) and inflammation of the
meninges (meningitis) occasionally occurs. Other parts of the
body such as the pancreas and thyroid may also be inflamed,
which can be painful.

Another rare complication of mumps is deafness in one ear,
but this only happens in around one in 15,000 cases.

Pregnant women who develop mumps in the first 3 months of
pregnancy (the first trimester) have a slightly higher risk of
miscarriage, but there is no evidence that mumps can cause
deformities in an unborn child.

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