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Mumps Symptom


Mumps is a viral illness of the parotid salivary glands.
These glands are located just below and in front of the ears.
They make saliva, which drains into the mouth and helps to
break up and absorb food. Rarely, the sub maxillary and
sublingual salivary glands are affected.

Mumps is caused by an infectious virus,

which is transmitted through airborne droplets from the coughs
and sneezes of contaminated people. Symptoms usually
appear 2-3 weeks after coming into contact with the disease,
but it can take longer. Mumps is normally a mild illness;
although in some cases there can be harsh complications, such
as deafness and meningitis. This is why children are vaccinated
against mumps.

Since 1968, when the childhood measles, mumps and rubella
(MMR) immunization was introduced, mumps has become less
common in USA.  However, in recent years there has been an
increase in cases of mumps because some parents have
chosen not to let their child have the MMR vaccine.

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Mumps Symptom